A brief profile of A Journey of Friendship Team

Haseeb Saulat

Mr. Haseeb has always been a champion of Pakistan-China friendship. With a desire to promote people-to-people contact between the two nations, Mr Haseeb conceived the idea of this TV program. He realized that television was the only medium that would enable the people of both countries to develop a better understanding of each other’s culture and history; hence, A Journey of Friendship was envisioned.

Saadia Haseeb

She was the best choice for realizing the vision of Mr Haseeb. She conceptualized, coordinated and produced the program, overlooking all aspects of filmmaking. Despite having no prior experience in television production, she was able to successfully execute the project.

Soheb Akhter

As an ace ad-maker, his attention to detail lends the show that extra edge. With this maiden venture, he experiments with a new take on filmmaking; he brings freshness to the frame with his eclectic aesthetics and innovative treatment.

Adnan Malik

His young and energetic personality made him the obvious choice to be the face of A Journey of Friendship. On his first visit to China, he was adventurous and inquisitive, exploring the hidden gems the middle kingdom had to offer.

Shahid Latif

Thanks to Shahid a working environment was maintained for the team. During the filming period he kept a track of daily progress against the filming production schedule and was also responsible for data and content management. Shahid, through his tireless efforts, made sure that the execution of the project was on course.

Danya Haseeb

She beautifully links the visual story with an attention-grabbing script. With a great flair for writing and a passion to explore new places, Danya also did research for the project. Indeed, her work adds enchantment to the film.

Shahneez Haseeb

The actual filming at all the exclusive locations was only made possible because of her unrelenting efforts. As the associate producer, she took care of all the permissions and approvals required to film in different locales. Her diligence meant shoots at each location were timely, smooth and hassle-free.

Hasib Ur Rehman

As a Pakistani with a Chinese upbringing and education, he enjoys the best of both worlds! His fluency in Chinese and his excellent PR skills were of great help to the JOF team, and his enthusiasm towards China and this travelogue just made it better.

Fareed Uddin

A top photographer who weaves magic with his camera was behind the lens as the Director of Photography. He marvelously captured the beauty of China, not missing even the minutest detail.