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In this Year of Pakistan-China Friendship, this documentary about various facets of life in different parts of a Rising China, which is a source of strength for Pakistan, would serve as a bridge of better understanding between our two peoples. Our bilateral bond in the area of culture and people-to-people ties will be reinforced by this landmark initiative, which would, hopefully, be a harbinger of other such endeavours to promote what is a model, time-tested, good-neighbourly relationship. And it also serves as an excellent example of team work and home work!

Mushahid Hussain Sayed
Pakistan-China Institute

A Journey of Friendship is a portrait of a country on its march towards progress and development. Spending two weeks in various cities of China, the production team of Pakistan-China Institute witnessed the Chinese miracle through their own eyes. This personal experience has enriched their work. Being the first production of its kind, the Journey of Friendship is a milestone in strengthening people to people contact between our two nations. This beautiful montage will enable the people of Pakistan to better understand the Chinese way of life, culture and traditions. I congratulate Ms. Saadia Haseeb, her enterprising sprit and the fine product she has prepared after her trip to China.

H.E. Mr. Masood Khan
Ambassador of Pakistan to China

Cultural Office of the Embassy of China is very excited to play its role in the making of this documentary on China themed Journey of Friendship. It is commendable effort by the dedicated team of Cultural wing of Pakistan China Institute headed by Ms Saadia Haseeb. We wish the Pakistan-China Institute’s cultural wing a very happy journey towards this road of friendship.

Mr. Yang LinHai
Cultural Counselor
Embassy of Peoples’ Republic of China

Reading about a country is one thing and watching someone experiencing it first hand is another. The emotive language of an article can never match the enthusiasm of a traveler who has a camera crew to follow. Journey of Friendship promises to be a program that would make a traveler of all those viewers who have a little tourist in their heart, specially those who have dreamt of traveling to China one day.

Sufia Shahid
Eisenhower Fellow/Media Consultant

Beautifully shot and informative; the promo was very interesting and indeed well-made. The breath-taking scenery is a treat for the eyes. A great take on Pakistan & China’s friendship.

Ameenah Mansor Khalil

Promo looks very promising and snazzy. It captures the spirit and soul of China and chinese culture very well and I love the pace and the way its edited. Lovely shots and the variety of visuals is impressive.

Ayesha Omar

I am spell bound and awestruck with the amazing concept of the entire documentary. You’ve done an amazing job, hats off! An engaging documentary that gives us a chance to explore our ally, The Journey of Friendship, truly lives up to its name. With such captivating landscapes, beautiful places, and so much knowledge to gain about our neighboring country, I’m sure people will definitely like this show.No doubt, China is on its way to becoming the new dominant power not only in Asia but also in the world. Very rightly said and I quote from the show: ‘China has one step in future and one in past’. I wish you guys all the best! Keep up the good work!

Ali Safeena a.k.a Taka

A journey of friendship offers a captivating look into a beautiful and exotic country beyond the simple stereotypes and cliche’s we know of.

Huzaifa Azim Butt
City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong